Future Projects

Here are a few projects I have rolling around in my head. With some luck and a bit of help from you, maybe we can make some of them a reality. 


Balance Brush

Lets get real, setting your toothbrush on a hotel counter is gross. Most peoples solution is to stuff it back in their travel case, I mean zip lock bag, but this just guarantees a soggy smelly toothbrush the next time you go to use it.

That is why I made this Weeble Wobble inspired toothbrush.

No matter where you set the toothbrush the part that goes in your mouth never touches the counter. 

Bedside Lamp

I need a new bedside lamp, so I decided to design my own. Do you want one too? That is really all I have to say about this.

Carabiner Pulley

Do you need to lift something heavy? Of course you do!!! This para-cord pulley system can help. It is designed for the outdoors man who needs an extra hand.